In painting, the iconography of Toninato binds to the theme of the pursuit of pop cold perfection, typical hyperrealism. The artist, that is, seems to privilege the distance emotional representation from pursuing it with the process of painting the faithful rendering to the true point of exasperation.
The careful and even obsessive attention to detail, comparing it with the photograph in a contest of skill illusionist.
And he is the winner because the marked academicism is transcended in pictures women hot and full of personality.

AMALIA FORCINA (art critic)

Color hot wet cold light, veiled tributes to comics and poster art (of which the author is a teacher) with some reference Read (Munch, Dali, De Chirico …) on the face of the shimmering muse of Ivan Toninato.
The product of all medium and large paintings where the hand of the artist is revealed precise and dreamy, not devoid of small provocations.
Artmaker and high-level graph, the young Toninato still has a rich background of experiences and important awards in the industry.

NORMAN ZOIA (journalist and art critic)

Prevails in Ivan Toninato complacency hyperrealistic, the limit of the challenge and fed emulsiva juices cultural and behavioral civilization underground, still and always looking a model evasive.
While remaining the artist taken by moods, by emotions, psychological impacts, from attractions even erotic, or by the desire to give painting a somatic its vibration not only physics.
Absolute master of line and color, makes it a meaningful use and content of the specular today’s society of communication,focusing somatismi on engaging women.

DONAT CONENNA (journalist and art critic)

The overwhelming personality portraits exclamation that are binding in the choice of shots narrow, open the vivid hyperrealism of Ivan Toninato erupts nell’accettuation mimicry of the female face, loaded with pathos restless expressive.

M.GRAZIA SIMOTTI (art critic)

For the excellent technical approach hyperrealistic and the interesting news of the intended subject as a denunciation of violence against women.

CESARE FILISTAD (art critic) 1st prize Biennale Taormina

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